Sebastian Alfie was born in Buenos Aires and there he started as a creative, winning prizes in festivals like Cannes and Clio.

After that he became a director and then he moved to Spain.

The style of argentine advertising is present in his work: edgy humor, off beat casting and strong ideas are there, mixed with his european experience in terms of cinematography and aesthetics.

In Spain he directed campaigns for most major clients in the country, while working with the most influential advertising agencies.

He also directed campaigns all around the world and lately in the United States, where he made his début on the general market for Saatchi and Saatchi NY.

Sebastian has also directed short films. The last one, “Love at 4 PM” won the Best ?Narrative Short Film Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

He just won a prize (at the Malaga film festival) as best director with his first feature film documentary, “Gabor”, about the blind DOP Gabor Bene, produced under the sponsorship of the Europe Media Programme.

Sebastian speaks good english and can speak (like Tarzan) in french, italian, catalan and portuguese.