About us

We're a Miami based independent production company. So far, the usual blah blah. but here's the good part:

We have partner companies in Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Brazil. so we can shoot anywhere and find great talent, great locations, great production

value and also great food, great fun and some quality time. clients love that, right?

We represent award winning directors who happen to be nice people you can actually talk to. yeah, it sounds too good to be true. but it actually is.

We produce tv commercials, viral and branded content, educational, documentaries, and all kinds of videos. hmmm…well…yeah, even that.

We love what we do, we make your project our project, we share your pain, your laughs, your fights, your happiness. Because in the end, our only success is your success.

You dream of it. You create it. You give it all you've got.

We make it happen.