sebastian lopez borda


I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. I studied filmmaking so I'm a filmmaker... but I’m more than that (I hope). I am the photograph in my father’s room, I’m a cheesy song I composed in elementary school, I’m the short film I made because I was in love (which received some international awards), I’m the stories I would make up to hit on my girlfriend. I’m the commercials I’ve directed for both small and big brands. I’m also the hundreds of treatments I’ve made. The rejected ones as well as the approved ones. I’m the thousands of scouted locations that were not chosen, the carefully picked directional tones and language, all those references, ideas and imagined colors that come in the middle of the night… I'm 32, life is short and I love to film. So in the end, I'm the guy who is gonna find the best way to tell the story.