alex rodriguez


From a young age shows great creativity and imagination, which develops especially in painting and photography. After graduating in Audiovisual Communication at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, he moved to Madrid. In May 2000 he began his employment with Alamo Films Productions in the Department of Management. In 2002 he decides to leave Spain to spend a year in London working in the Department of Management for the English producer Serius Pictures. After returning from London working as an assistant director in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia and as a producer in the producer Them Films, Muufilms and Welldone Producciones.
Now part of the filmmaking team of producer Sopa de Toro, based in Madrid and Chile.
He has conducted productions in Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Canada and Peru, for leading brands such as Orange, Corona, Mercedes Benz, Burger King, Lan, TelePizza, Movistar Plus, Mahou Beer ...
He is a director with a special sensitivity to aesthetics and attention to detail. His style could be described as cheerful, almost romantic and somewhat naive. With a clear influence in the world of photography, he accomplished storytelling through beautiful film images. It also shows versatility rolling on different genres of advertising, since most intimate parts, spots where humor plays a big part, to large productions.
Currently he resides between Madrid and Mallorca and spends time in the US